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Well, TubaDiva really fucked things up this time. I honestly can't see how they're going to spin this one away. Too many excuses, too much is at stake here. If she doesn't step down, or at the very LEAST admit she fucked up, I'm gonna be royally pissed. It's not like this is the first time the privacy of a Doper has been violated by an admin, nor is this the first time Tuba's done something stupid.
Now I don't give two shits about StageManager, but obviously SOMEONE accused him of something, and whether he did it or not, the admins have to investigate that.

I can't see the Dope lasting too much longer if they try to sweep this one under the rug. Jesus, what a fuck up.

In other news, Bobby's wife Courtney is helping me put my resume in order-it's a huge mess and I sometimes feel if I'm too stupid to put forth a decent resume then maybe I'm too stupid to get a job. Not really, but I HATE all the different formats and advice you get. One site suggests this, then another article will say to do that until I want to tear my hair out.

Wow, it's been a while...

But then, there's not much going on. Oh, Maggie fell in the toilet the other night. She likes to come in the bathroom while I take a shower (just like Misty), and I had just taken a pee and was about to close the lid and flush when she tried to jump on the seat, missed, and fell in. I'm becoming quite talented at giving sponge baths to squirmy kittens.

Well, it's official

I am ashamed to be an American.


I voted this morning for the first time

Absolutely NO waiting-I was in and out without a fuss. Pulled the lever for the Democrats, bada-bing bada-boom!

Damn, that felt good!

Stupid fucking anti-psychology cunt

I read an article where a woman said that psychiatry was created as a support system for those who don't believe in god.

Fuck you, bitch. This kind of thinking leads to people like Andrea Yates.

Oh god, my room STINKS!

I love Maggie, I really do. She's just the most adorable little bundle of fur you'd ever come across. (Well, except for my Buffy, of course!)
That being said, I'm looking forward to when she's big enough that we can put her litter box downstairs, instead of keeping it up here. I scoop it every time she shits, and change it daily. But good GOD, can she stink up a room!

This time, she had poop all over her back legs, her paws, and all over her blanket. Air freshner, running the ceiling fan (and it's CHILLY tonight, too!), and the room still stinks like used kitty litter.


Good thing for her she's so damned cute.
Bush campaign stiffs taxpayers.

I honestly will NEVER understand how anyone can bring themselves to vote for this asshat?

I weep for our future.

So my mom brought home a kitten..

I knew she'd do it eventually. Hehehe...after Piper Grace, she said, "We're NOT getting another cat." And I'd tease her, because she said that after EVERY cat she's brought home so far. But she swore up and down she wouldn't.

Then Maggie comes along. My mother saw her at the vet's, (they put animals up for adoption, and sometimes put them in the waiting room), and fell in love.

My mom is such a sucker.

(She's a real little cutie, too!)
"U may think that Jesus died out of ingnorance and fear, but he died and ROSE AGAIN, because he loves you, if you don't want to believe and you don't think u'll go to hell, my sympathies, I guess I won't see you when I go into those shining gates in heaven!"


Who's yo Daddy???